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Belinda Clinton is qualified civil celebrant registered with the Australian Attorney Generals Department  and as a result, is able solemnise marriages according to law.


If you are intending to legally wed in Australia there are some requirements that must be completed. I will work with you to ensure that these requirements are met and assist you in all facets of the legal process.


A Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed and provided to me at least one month prior to your wedding ceremony (and no more than 18 months before the ceremony).


Identification from both parties must be sighted. The first is a proof of your birth date and place of birth (your birth certificate, or your passport); the second is in the form of photo identification (Drivers Licence, Passport, Australian Citizenship Certificate).  If either party has been married previously I will be required to sight the divorce paper or death certificate.


Before the ceremony you will also need to sign The Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage form, to declare that there is no legal reason why you should not be married.


During your ceremony The Monitum must be read and you must be wed in the presence of two witnesses over the age of 18.


After the Ceremony I will lodge the required paperwork to the Registering Authority within 14 days.


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